Tuberculosis commonly known as TB generally is a bacterial disease that affects lungs mostly. The infection can affect some other parts also but lungs are commonly affected. It is a contagious disease which spreads through air. If kept untreated every person who is suffering from this infection may infect dozen of peoples every year at least.

MDR- TB- this term is coined for TB which does not respond to first line drugs.

XDR- TB is term used for TB which is very difficult condition to treat as there is resistance developed for second line drugs also.


Cough- cough is present with sputum usually. Cough may have blood sometimes.

Dyspnoea- breathlessness is common in this type of infections. Sometimes the breathlessness may be eased or the patient may breathe in standing or by sitting erect only (Orthopnoea).

Fever- often fever is seen which is mild and usually at night, night sweat.

Weight loss- this is common feature and often the weight loss is sudden with loss of appetite.

Fatigue- gets tired easily with no desire for food.


TB does not occur easily, it requires constant and long exposure to the patient. That’s the reason it is seen commonly running in families. It stays and grows in lungs and throat and usually comes out when a affected person talks or spits or coughs through air this micro organisms spreads and settles in another person’s throat when he breathes in.


  • Living in crowded area, unsanitary places, unhygienic places where TB is common.
  • Smoking, Alcoholism.
  • Person with suppressed immunity due to drugs or diseases AIDS is at most risk.
  • People those who work in health care section are at risk to be affected as they are frequently exposed TB patients.


  • Skin test is done primarily that to if general bodily symptoms are present that of the TB infection.
  • Sputum test is done of the suspected patient. This test shows less error than that of skin test and is more confirmatory.
  • Chest X-ray can be done which may confirm any additional progress of infection in the chest.


Hygienic conditions are to be improved mainly to avoid further infections, isolation of the suspect if necessary mainly in hospitals is done. Immediate treatment is to be started soon after the diagnosis is confirmed to avoid further infection of TB to non infected persons.


In homeopathy doctor has to take account of every possible detail of a person to read actual constitution of an individual. It includes patient’s physical and emotional background and if he is able to do so correctly there is possibility of even getting rid of drug resistant TB. Homeopathy can help up to great extent in such condition as it stimulates the internal healing mechanism of the body to rule out the disease. Homeopathy is the safer choice and effective as there could be no drug resistance as seen in modern medicines this days. Homeopathy can be taken along with standard line of treatment of allopathy to see faster recovery.


One of the prior things to be done in TB is that the nutrition level is to be corrected. As the immunity is down already the need is there of proper diet on regular basis. It is the major issues in developing countries, the lower socio economic group suffers more due improper diet and it hampers the recovery too.

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