Ankylosing Spondylitis

It is a chronic, inflammatory disease affecting the spine, sacroiliac joint and surrounding tissue primarily. It is a hereditary disorder where the genetic defect (the presence of HLA B27 antigen) is found amongst immediate blood relatives. However a lot of other factors eventually contribute before one develops this malady.

The disease is characterised by gradual fusion (ankylosis) of the axial skeleton.

Predominantly young men are found to be affected by Ankylosing spondylitis.

How does it present itself?

Frequently, the patient complains of lower back pain and stiffness as an initial symptom. At times the first episode may be excruciatingly painful impeding motility. The sacroiliac joint affection is early and persistent and sometimes an x ray reveals partial fusion even in early stages.

Another common site of inflammation is the spine and its articulations and attached tendons and ligaments. Involvement of the synovial membrane, cartilage, point of insertion of tendons and ligaments all eventually lead to progressive destruction and fusion of the adjoining bones. The result is a’ bamboo spine’, a spine rendered stiff and ineffective due to the disease process.

There may be other joint involvement like the joints of the rib cage, shoulders, hips and rarely the peripheral joints. Accordingly, the patient may complain of chest pain during respiration and tenderness at junction of the ribs and cartilage, pain and stiffness of the affected joint.

Eye involvement may present as redness and pain in the eyes.

In patients in later stages, we can see the immobile spine or bent posture and a waddling gait.

Complications arising out of fracture of the fused skeleton are not uncommon.

Can Homoeopathy help?

The primary concern in ankylosis is prevention of fusion of the spine as also retardation of the progression of the disease.

Homoeopathy helps in alleviating the pain, stiffness and suffering of the patient. Despite the presence of the HLA B27 antigen, the patient remains symptom free as the progression is halted and further deterioration is slowed down.

Advising the patient on the importance of regular physical activity is mandatory.

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