Old age ….and its inevitable issues

Old age is heralded by the onset of degenerative disorders and multiple pathologies combined with reduced ability to adapt to these changes (failing ‘reserves’) resulting in a plethora of clinical signs and symptoms which need careful investigation and rehabilitative treatment.


What happens when you age?

Old age reflects on how well the individual has lived in the preceding years, his food intake, lifestyle factors, habits and addictions, psychological health. It is worthwhile to note that although aging cannot as yet be prevented, its effects can be mitigated by leading a healthy lifestyle

Following changes are likely to occur with advancing age,

  1. Acute confusion states
  2. Memory impairment, decline in cognitive functions due to loss of neurons
  3. Gait and balance dysfunction due to impaired coordination leading to frequent falls and unsteadiness
  4. Hardening and opacification of lens of eye
  5. Muscle weakness and wasting
  6. Reduced elasticity of skin due to loss of collagen, a protein.
  7. Slowness in transmission of impulses which leads to sluggishness of responses, reduced motility of the gastrointestinal tract,
  8. Inefficient action of heart and lungs leading to a gradual decline in cardiorespiratory function.
  9. Bones become brittle with increased risk of fracture.
  10. A decline in sensitivity to various hormones especially insulin leading to impaired glucose tolerance.
  11. Increased liability to infections due to inadequate immune mechanisms.
  12. The psychological repercussions like loss of confidence, fear, apathy, melancholy, depression are either due to the above complaints or due to an acute realisation of one’s mortality as more and more near and dear ones take their leave. A sense of isolation takes over and this further aggravates the physical problems.

A comprehensive management of troubles in old age necessitates a multifactorial approach. The aim is to restore functionality and impart quality to life.

At ‘Sweetpills Homoeopathy Clinics’ the Homoeopath, the nutritionist, the physiotherapist and the psychologist come together to achieve the desired results.

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