Lipids or fats are essential constituents of human cell which are obtained from the food we eat and are also synthesized in our body. These fats and oils are essential for the body metabolisms but an excess of fats could cause hazardous effects to the body. These lipids remain as reserved sources of energy for the body and they also provide the body with essential vitamins like A,D,E,K and also certain hormones are synthesized from lipids.

The fats contained in the food can be basically classified as unsaturated fats and saturated fats. Unsaturated fats are easier to breakdown during the metabolisms as compared to the saturated fats.The most common sources of fats are oils, ghee, butter, certain kinds of fishes and fish oils, cheese, coconut, certain seeds and nuts like cashewnuts, groundnuts, almonds etc. and other dairy products like cheese and animal foods like meat pork etc. The fats obtained from vegetable oils, fish liver oil (cod liver oil), olive oil, are unsaturated fats where as coconut, groundnut, meat etc. are rich sources of saturated fats which do not break down easily and hence tend to get stored in the body leading to conditions like obesity, high cholesterol levels, coronary artery diseases, hypertension, stroke heart attack and many other related conditions.

The lipids in the blood are in the form of cholesterol and triglycerides. Values below 175mg/dl for total cholesterol and below 150 mg/dl for triglycerides are considered to be within normal levels

Dyslipidemia is a condition which is pictured as high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Genetic factors or hereditary predispositions being the major risk components for development of these conditions certain other factors like sedentary lifestyle, habits like smoking tobacco chewing as well as faulty food habits like excessive consumption of junk food rich in saturated fats coupled with lack of physical exercise plays an immense role in the faster development of the condition. Hence it is nowadays seen to manifest at younger generation or early adulthood which previously was seen to occur in old age or late adulthood.

The commonly prescribed medications for dyslipidemia are Statins (atorvastatin,rosuvas) and fibrates(fenofibrate esp. for raise triglycerides) which considerably reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood but also have a number of known side effects like nausea, heartburn, muscular pains and fatiguge, gallstones,and kidney related complications.

According to Homeopathy, the disease condition which is manifested at any stage in life is considered to have its roots at birth or early childhood to become apparent only later in life. Hence it is necessary to study the root cause of the pathology that has occurred instead of symptomatically pushing back the disease in a dormant state. Thus in this condition it is necessary to limit the excessive production of lipids by the body as well as to help the body to metabolize and burn down the excess fats instead of externally administering certain chemicals which cut the fats down and also in the long run turn out to have hazardous effects on our body.

Genetic predispositions cannot be modified. They are carried in the genes of the individual through generations. However the food habits and the lifestyle are the external factors contributing in the occurrence of the disease which are needed to be modified. Physical exercise helps to burn down the excessive fats in the body whereas a balanced diet rich in dietary fiber, proteins and controlled levels of carbohydrates and fats help the body to function in a balanced way. Along with these a Homeopathic remedy helps the body to redirect the metabolisms i.e it helps the system to cope up with the stress and restore health.

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