Psoriatic Arthritis

One often encounters this form of arthritis in long standing psoriasis or those with a past or family history of psoriasis.

Usually the joints of hands, feet may be involved along with the changes in the nail in terms of pitting and separation from the nail bed are observed. These changes may or may not run concomitant to the characteristic skin changes of psoriasis. In the absence of skin and nail lesions, differentiation with rheumatoid arthritis is difficult unless the asymmetrical joint involvement and negative rheumatoid factor are considered for exclusion of diagnosis.

Diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

Presence of hot, painful, inflamed joints in a patient with typical psoriatic skin or nail lesions is usually indicative of psoriatic arthritis.

Radiological and biochemical investigations are usually nonspecific unless there is suspicion of co-existence with other diseases.

Methods of Treatment

The underlying aetiology being similar to that of psoriasis, Homoeopathy offers superior results in cases of psoriatic arthritis. The entire disease process can be reversed and obliterated and the patient goes back to being as healthy as ever.

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