Parkinson’s disease

A neurological disorder of later life, Parkinson’s disease has a slow, progressive, prolonged course. Its exact aetiology is unknown, though a loss of cerebral neurons and a decrease in the neurotransmitter dopamine has been implicated in its pathology.

What are the features of Parkinson’s disease?

The initial features are tremors coupled with slowness of movements and a stiffness of the affected part.

As the disease progresses, tremors and slowness in movements becomes prominent and the patient also experiences difficulty in initiation of movements for eg getting up from the bed or a sitting posture may take sometimes. The patient is reluctant to do any physical activity for 2 reasons, one is a general indifference and second due to a difficulty in maintaining proper posture while walking. Apparent is the facial expression which is mask like and the tone of voice which is monotonous.

Deterioration of the mental faculties may occur at a later stage.

In neurodegenerative disorders, any line of treatment will be essentially with limited results. Homoeopathy can help to a certain extent in leading a fairly functional life and in slowing further deterioration. But when the damage is extensive as occurs in later stages, the results are not very promising. In early stages however the outcome is more satisfying.

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