Asthma is inflammatory condition of lungs, in which the airways become constricted and causes difficulty in breathing, presents itself with breathlessness and wheezing sound in the chest. This occurs in episodes and may resolve spontaneously or by medications (sprays). Steroids are used widely in such cases in the form of puffers which are not helpful in stopping the progress of the disease. It is common in children’s and adults too. Dust may provoke the attack if there is history of allergy in the person.


When the air is inhaled through nose it passes through a pipe like structure called trachea which further goes into lungs through bronchi and bronchioles. Bronchial tubes present in lungs gets narrower soon after the triggering factor. There is tightening in the walls of bronchial tubes resulting in narrowing. This narrowing of bronchioles results in difficulty in breathing and wheezing sound as the efforts of taking maximum quantity of air inside through comparatively small space results in wheezing sound. Asthma is mostly running in families.


  1. Allergic asthma- in this type the asthma the there is allergy to certain substances like dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander. The allergy may be from any substance and awareness of substance causing asthma is the first step towards living comfortably with asthma.
  2. Non allergic asthma- in this type the episode of asthma may be caused by dry air or damp weather, exertion, laughing and different emotions may provoke the episode.


Cough- it may be with or without sputum with it.

Breathlessness- this is common symptom which may occur through allergy or slight exertion.

Wheezing sound- wheezing sound is produced as the person inhales or exhales air in the lungs.


There is no specific test present that can confirm asthma. Clinical evaluation along with family history would be required along with following tests:

  1. Lung function test.
  2. Spirometry- through it the capacity of lung to breathe the air in and out can be measured.


Homeopathic treatment can take care of the asthmatic patient in acute condition when there is need of puffers but a conventional homeopathic treatment from an experienced homeopath can cure asthma completely. There is history of asthma running through families as there is genetic background for it, so a proper homeopathic treatment can take out the tendency towards asthma up to a great extent. The distressing symptoms can be reduced during the attack, but proper emergency medical care is required if the attack seems to be of serious kind. Current medications of the asthma patient can be reduced simultaneously rather than abruptly stopping the medication. Keep in touch with your doctor for reduction in medicine if it is viable.


  • Avoid exposing to the allergic factors directly.
  • Eat plenty of leafy vegetables through your meal and salads.
  • Avoid smoking and getting exposed to smoke
  • Take plenty of liquids so that can keep your mucous secretions loose.

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