On occasion of World Health Day

Health is a dynamic equilibrium between all biochemical processes within the body which ensures optimum functioning of all cells, tissues and organs.

In the state of health, a human being adapts effectively to changing circumstances within the body as well as in the environment. But when the stimuli become overwhelming, the individual is unable to maintain equilibrium and succumbs to disease.

Our primary endeavor then is to equip ourselves such that we are able to effectively deal with any challenges life throws at us at any plane, physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual. That is the essence of health!

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"Dr. Samuel Hahnemann"


Mrs. Anagha manohar

"With her treatment. And i must say my there is a remarkable improvement in my son's health condition. I believe in homeopathy thank Team SweetPills. "

Miss. Sharvani Khot

"It not only relieved me from regular health issues but also cured other problems like skin disorder, hairfall and muscle spasm problem. "

Bipin Kandalgaonkar

"I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic."