A woman...
   A symbol of love
   Of warmth and nurture
   Of sincerity and vulnerability
   Of tender care and nursing
   Of sacrifices and smiling service!
Her quiet strength and fortitude are unmatched...
Her loyalty unparalleled...
And her power incredible!

Woman, since time immemorial, has handled multiple responsibilities. She manages the house, takes care of the kids, is a loving consort to her husband, a dutiful daughter-in-law, a hard working professional and then is also adept at maintaining social relationships. As she struggles to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, home and hearth, duty and relaxation, she evolves... Handling these multifarious tasks makes her no less than a superwoman!

Women & her struggle with mental, emotional and physical metamorphosis.

As a girl blossoms into a woman, she undergoes a metamorphosis at all levels, mental, emotional and physical. The challenges she faces at every turn on the road prepares her for meeting life head on, to revel in its privileges and to endure its hindrances!

Puberty sets in with its own baggage of confusion, assertion and rebellion and a disturbed hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis gives rise to polycystic ovarian disease, menstrual irregularities and even thyroid disorders. Add to it an unhealthy lifestyle, erratic eating patterns, peer pressures, the luxuries of modern life and she is well on the way to developing chronic health problems. Environmental stresses, late marriages and delayed childbirth further accentuate her problems and she may develop chronic pelvic disorders like cysts, polyps, endometriosis and tumors which may affect her ability to conceive. During her childbearing years and later during menopause, she bears telltale marks of her struggles in the form of various disorders, hormonal, immunological, inflammatory and degenerative.

A true tribute to her would be to empathise with her, care for her, treasure her and relieve her of her sufferings!

We hope to bring respite to her through our integrated medical approach!

Stress Relief for the Modern Woman

Stress is a result of 'how we perceive a situation' rather than the 'reality of the situation itself.' Stress is essentially an internal phenomenon, our response to the circumstance, our inability to cope with it due to our own inhibitions, thought processes and ingrained patterns of behaviour. Stress is a reality but largely due to 'us' rather than 'them'!

How can we reduce our stress levels to enjoy a more balanced life?
Like our psychologist, Aditi Nadkarni says,
What is causing stress for the woman of today?
What is stopping modern women from getting some leisure time for self?
Is it lack of time?
No! It is our thoughts and beliefs!
"I should work as much as I can because I want to make the most of it in little time"
"What if someone takes over or does better than me?"
"I have to give my 100% in my career. Vacations can wait"

Let us change what we think. It is OKAY to procrastinate sometimes. It is OKAY to take time out for yourself and not feel guilty about it. Rather it is necessary to take time out for relaxing as we are conditioned to stress ourselves and we believe that only then will we be able to achieve success. For better and healthy living, it is important to maintain a work life balance. And for that, let us start by saying to yourself,' It is OKAY to relax and enjoy as opportunities do come in life when we are determined and ambitious enough!

Work on your thoughts and stress will eventually disappear!

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"I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic."