Haemophilia - A Noble Cause

The Afflicted Patients Are Looked Down Upon By Their Family And Friends, They Are Believed To Have Contracted A Horrible Disease, They Are Treated As An Outcaste,.......... Many Contemplate And Commit SUICIDE

Haemophilia is an inherited condition that affects the blood's ability to clot.

The Homeopathic medicines helps individual by enhancing the body’s ability to response to the injuries in terms of faster wound healing thereby reducing the time of bleeding. With subsequent follow ups Homeopathic medicines reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes like Haemarthrosis ( bleeding in joints), bleeding from gums or nose etc. The deficient factor level is difficult to rise to an optimum level but the other mechanisms of the body can be made competent enough to take the place of missing one. The resistance of body increases to nullify the other hazardous effects caused by deficient factor or repeated factor transfusion. Thus it can safely be employed during bleeding and non bleeding phase. Homeopathic medicines neither negate the use of factor consumption nor interfere with its infusion

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"Dr. Samuel Hahnemann"


Mrs. Anagha manohar

"With her treatment. And i must say my there is a remarkable improvement in my son's health condition. I believe in homeopathy thank Team SweetPills. "

Miss. Sharvani Khot

"It not only relieved me from regular health issues but also cured other problems like skin disorder, hairfall and muscle spasm problem. "

Bipin Kandalgaonkar

"I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic."