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Homeopathy was founded more than 200 years ago by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Dr Hahnemann, a conscientious physician, was disillusioned by the medical practice of those times and realising that rather than curing patients, the prevailing systems of medicine actually complicated matters further, he decided to give up his practice altogether and concentrate on non-medical alternatives to making a living. In due course of time he came across some literature about the medicinal properties of a plant and its success in treating malaria. This aroused his curiosity and being a trained chemist and a meticulous and analytical person, he carried out systematic experiments in this field which led him to the discovery of the basic law of Nature ie 'Like cures Like'. The law states that a substance is capable of curing the very same symptoms in a diseased patient that it is capable of producing in a healthy person.

Homeopathy then is an experimental application of phenomenon observed in Nature. Accurate observation of the forces of Nature and its effects have led to the formulation of the basic laws of Homeopathy. An entire system of therapeutics in conformity with the laws of Nature and utilising substances which are naturally present as medicines for curing patients is what makes Homeopathy more scientific and more natural!

Homeopathic practice involves an appraisal of the patient's symptoms as well as of the state preceding the symptoms, For eg if a patient has breathlessness the cause could be due to a wide spectrum of illnesses ranging from a simple nasal obstruction to complicated cardiac issues. Homeopathic medicines are administered after the diagnosis is established through clinical assessment and if required through the use of modern technology and laboratory investigations . It is not just based on symptoms present but on an exact interpretation of the changes brought forth in the human body due to the disease process. This ensures early identification of life threatening emergencies and institution of prompt treatment as required.

Although Homeopathy began as an empirical scientific method, it has been verified and substantiated over the years through dedicated experiments on human beings as well as through unfailing results seen in patients in countless clinics across the globe. It is an established science today and the observable changes ( clinical, biochemical and radiological) leave little room to doubt the veracity of its claims.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances found on earth, be it the flora, the fauna, the minerals or other sources. The Homeopathic pharmacopieas dedicate volumes to the method of preparation of medicines from these substances. Details about the part used, its dilution, the method of release of latent energy from the substance, a perfect calculation of the amount of alteration of the original matter as also of the effect of the medicine on healthy human beings by the action of the medicine are thoroughly documented in Homeopathic literature and diligently followed by all those who believe in the unparalleled effectivity of these medicines.

A human being is a puzzle, an unfathomable being rendered further enigmatic by its precise and perfect coordination and homoeostatic capabilities which entails that there is more to man than meets the eye. Despite rapid advancements in the medical field, man remains in the realm of the unknown - just as events occur in Nature with unfailing regularity, events occur in the human body regularly, simultaneously and hence man has been surmised to have a 'controlling centre' but the essence remains elusive. A human being cannot be comprehended fully without a consideration of philosophy ( or even metaphysics) . But that doesn't refute the fact that the workings of the human body can be explained scientifically. Drawing a parallel, Homeopathy too encompasses the domains of science and philosophy and in this sense, the two are similar conceptually.

Homeopathy does not kill the viruses and bacteria. It empowers you to do so. It does not make you dependent on medicines, it makes you self-sufficient and autonomous. It strenghthens your core and ensures that you win in your day to day fight against various stresses of life . It enables you to lead a fulfilling existence and in that sense lends a completeness to your life.

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