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Genetics, genetic engineering, genetic mapping, postulations and probabilities of future diseases and their treatment based on genetic susceptibility, dietary guideline based on genetic propensities….suddenly genes have become central to lifestyles!

But what we are waking up to today is what Homeopathy has always maintained and propagated; albeit in different terms. For 200 years ago, genes were not discovered… but Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the man who discovered Homeopathy was already implementing its concept whilst he stated forth the basic principles of Homeopathy..!

Genes are the master regulators of all biochemical functions of the cells and hence of life itself. Genes not only determine susceptibility to development of certain illnesses but they also preside over the day to day functioning of the human being at the microscopic and hence the macroscopic level. For what is true for the cell, is also true for the tissue, organ and the person as a whole.

In short, genes are responsible for how you look, how you feel, how you react, how you act, how you live! Every aspect of your existence is an expression of your genes. We have about 30,000 genes in each cell of our body. These genes code for synthesis of specific proteins which carry on various functions in our body. All that is natural to us and all that is a part of us, be it our emotions, thoughts, motivation, ambition, nutrition, elimination, reproduction, metabolism is due to the activity of our genes.

What are we sensitive to, how do we respond to various situations in life, what hurts us and what makes us angry, what serves to motivate us or what depresses us, what provokes anxiety and what ignites passion – these are individual expressions of every person and they differ due to the fact that every person has a different set of genes than the other. The differences in the genetic make-up due to countless permutations and combinations of the inherited genes ensures uniqueness of every individual. And hence genetic mapping is done to identify the person, unique as he is, from the rest around him.

And what does Homeopathy do? Homeopathy tries to understand every person thoroughly, in the emotional, mental, physical plane, to assess his uniqueness (conferred on him by his genes) which we call 'individuality'! Homeopathy believes that every person possesses individuality and one needs to understand this individuality before one can prescribe any medicine for him.

In short, Homeopathy too does genetic mapping, but of a practical kind and by employing a different method, so that one can apply a suitable medicine tailor-made for his genetic profile. Thus a Homeopathic consultation is both investigative and therapeutic and the Similimum or correct Homeopathic medicine acts as a genetic medicine or a medicine suited to the genetic make-up of the person!

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