Homeopathy - A Complete System of Therapeutics

The human being is a delicately balanced conglomerate of diverse systems of metabolism which serve its basic functions due to subservience to an integral coordinating power which governs it. In short a human being comprises of an intricate physical structure and an abstract but subtle non-structure or non-matter or energy. ( here whether energy animates matter or matter generates energy is irrelevant as both are introcontrovertible.)

In essence then, man is a product of matter and energy finely intertwined with each other. A perfect equilibrium between all units of this complex marvel of evolution leads to a condition of health and harmony.

In the state of health, a human being adapts effectively to changing circumstances within the body as well as in the environment. But when the stimuli become overwhelming, the individual is unable to maintain equilibrium and succumbs to disease.

Any rational therapeutic system thus aims not only to treat the disease but to nip it in the bud, ie to recognize the factors which harbor a propensity to upset the state of health and to be able to mitigate the influence of these factors on the human being.

What makes different individuals react differently to the same circumstance?

A single event is capable of eliciting widespread anger or varying degrees of sympathy in different individuals. It may stimulate one person to initiate legal proceeds and another to start a campaign or bring about a revolution. What is the single emotion that overrides all others and why does it vary with each person? The answer lies in varying sensitivities, varying will and drive and these are in turn due to varying genetic inheritances. As genes code for individual physical and mental attributes, one realizes the possibilities of a vast variation due to differing permutations and combinations of genes. Can one then enough stress on the fact that each individual differs from another in many different ways? It follows then that each individual has unique ways of adapting to the circumstances and although a generic response is common, an individual unique response is mandatory. And it is this response which Homeopathy respects in its analysis. It is a consideration of this individuality that empowers Homeopathy with the unrivalled arsenal to modulate individual sensitivities.

Homeopathy as a restorative is well-known but Homeopathy as a preventive opens up exciting vistas in the comprehensive treatment of all kinds of ailments.

Modification of genetic expressions is possible through administration of Homeopathic medicines as has been proved relentlessly over the past two centuries. That Homeopathic medicines are able to decelerate progressive and potentially devastating clinical conditions has been substantiated recurrently over the years. A lot remains to be done especially with respect to clinical trails and randomized double blind control studies. The need of the hour is to rise up to the challenges in front of us and infuse conviction in the dogma that – Homeopathy IS A COMPLETE SYSTEM OF THERAPEUTICS!

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