From Suspicion To Conviction

I am an engineer by qualification and a global head in a company by profession. I am a man of science and not one to believe in anything unless it is tried, tested and proven. I can be vociferous in my criticism of things that do not match upto scientific standards. For the same reason, I am an atheist.

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Haemophilia - A Noble Cause

Haemophilia is an inherited condition that affects the blood's ability to clot.The Homeopathic medicines helps individual by enhancing the body’s ability to response to the injuries in terms of faster wound healing thereby reducing the time of bleeding. With subsequent follow ups Homeopathic medicines reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes like Haemarthrosis ( bleeding in joints), bleeding from gums or nose etc.

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Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a heredity driven, inflammatory, dermal disorder presenting as silvery, raised, red and well differentiated patches. It has a chronic, persistent course punctuated by relapses and affects the skin, nails and joints. It primarily affects the extensor aspects of the body and may range from an initial, localised, discoid lesion to extensive, coalescing, polycyclic patches.

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Homeo - Genomics

Genetics, genetic engineering, genetic mapping, postulations and probabilities of future diseases and their treatment based on genetic susceptibility, dietary guideline based on genetic propensities….suddenly genes have become central to lifestyles!

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Living with Haemophilia

Haemophilia is an X linked recessive disorder in which an inherited deficiency of blood coagulation factors results in prolonged and variable episodes of bleeding after any trauma. The bleeding may occur into body cavities, soft tissues, muscles, joints, subcutaneously, intraocularly, intracranial, into the oropharyngeal cavity or after tooth extraction. It may persist for days or weeks depending upon the severity of the deficiency.

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Grieving Child

Grieving is a natural response. It’s a response to loss. Bereavement is a term commonly referred interchangeably with grief. Grief is a natural response to loss whereas bereavement is a state of loss.Grief being a normal part of life runs through stages till the individual finds himself coping up and coming to terms with life. Every step of the process is healthy. It is only when a person gets stuck in one step for a long period of time, then the grieving can become unhealthy.

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A Tribute To Women Power

Woman, since time immemorial, has handled multiple responsibilities. She manages the house, takes care of the kids, is a loving consort to her husband, a dutiful daughter-in-law, a hard working professional and then is also adept at maintaining social relationships. As she struggles to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, home and hearth, duty and relaxation, she evolves... Handling these multifarious tasks makes her no less than a superwoman!

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Kidneys - Cleansers of the body

Our kidneys cater to multiple functions in the body. So it becomes our responsibility to take care of them and keep them healthy. The simplest way to keep them well and functioning is to drink plenty of water daily. ( Caution should be exercised in patients with chronic kidney and cardiac disorders). Apart from water there are a number of fruits which can help the kidneys detoxify our body.

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On occasion of World Health Day


Obesity is an abnormal and excessive accumulation of body fat well above the normal range of weight for a given age, sex and height. It poses a major health risk due to its manifold effects on multiple organs of the body as also due to its psychological impact on the individual concerned. Obese persons have been found to be maladapted socially as well as psychologically giving rise to wide ranging health concerns.

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Combating SuperBugs

Superbugs are the heroic superheroes among the bacterial colonies who valiantly fight the relentless onslaught of newer and more powerful antibiotic ravages in a metaphorical epic woven in contemporary modern warfare. In short, it is a multi-drug resistant bacteria which emerges victorious in its battle against all possible generations of antibiotics. The resistance makes it impossible to vanquish them with the result that the superbugs gain an upper hand and succeed in subjugating man- the highest evolved living organism of planet Earth thus falls helpless at the feet of these one-celled organisms!

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Homeopathy - A Complete System of Therapeutics

The human being is a delicately balanced conglomerate of diverse systems of metabolism which serve its basic functions due to subservience to an integral coordinating power which governs it. In short a human being comprises of an intricate physical structure and an abstract but subtle non-structure or non-matter or energy. ( here whether energy animates matter or matter generates energy is irrelevant as both are introcontrovertible.)

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Rhythms of the Body

A rhythm or a sequence of periodic activity and repose is readily recognized in and around us. The regular seasons, the rise and fall of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the predictable rising and setting of the sun all testify to the above truth. So also, the beating of our heart, the expansion and contraction of our lungs, the processes of cell division and reproduction and those of cell destruction and the pulsatile release of hormones point to the synchronicity of the human body in relation with Nature. Thus everything in and around us functions in a pre-ordained, cyclical manner.

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Should we be Afraid of ill health?

“Dr., I have a cold. Please do something about it” “Dr., my stomach is paining. Please get rid of the pain.” These are common expressions on a day to day basis encountered by any physician. The underlying anxiety of the patient is palpable; the question is, is it justifiable? Why do we get so easily disturbed by the slightest hint of ill-health? Why do we feel that illness is like an enemy to be unmercifully routed? Why do we presuppose that disease is like an arrogant invasion into our territory? Why, indeed, do we basically distrust the innate intelligence of our very existence?

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Supportive Therapy for Cardiac Conditions

Today the most commonly encountered cardiac condition is coronary artery disease which is a major cause of disability and mortality worldwide. Coronary blockages take years to develop and although genetic predisposition does play a role, following factors are implicated in its origin

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