A Case of Asthma - Bipin Kandalgaonkar

My name is Bipin Kandalgaonkar and I am the Business Development Manager in a private firm. My job involves lot of traveling and adjusting to different weather conditions. I have been suffering from my asthma for many years and it becomes difficult for me while traveling . Everyday I used to get episodes of heavy breathing for about an hour and continuous cough. This used to be more so whenever there was dust , any strong odor, be it of air freshner or perfume or any sprayed pesticides or change in weather. The cough was so continuous that I could ’nt speak a single sentence in one breath. It was impossible to talk or even walk as the cough was accompanied by difficult breathing.

When I consulted our allopathy doctor he suggested me to wear mask and asked me to inhale some medicine using nebulizer. I used this for more than a month but did not find any difference. Later on my doctor suggested me to use puffs / inhaler. He prescribed me 2 puffs / inhalers. When ever I used to go out or travel I had to keep my inhalers with me. After few months my doctor prescribed me one inhaler which I was using for many years.

One of my friend knew my problem and he suggested me to take homeopathy medicines and contact Sweet Pills. I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic. I consulted doctors at Sweet Pills. In my first visit they asked me many questions about my past and present. Question and Answer session took almost an hour and I was wondering if homeopathy medicines can really give me any relief. After our discussion the doctor prescribed me some medicines which I took a little skeptically, wondering how these tiny pills could control my severe cough and breathlessness. But wonder of wonders, a single dose made me comfortable! Within minutes I realized that I was coughing less and the breathing difficulty had eased considerably. I started regular treatment at SP clinic and believe it or not I am substantially relieved. I have not had a single episode in the past few months, except once or twice when there was an overwhelming pesticide odor which repelled everyone and when there was sudden dip in temperature . But I am very fine now and am relived from inhalers and nebulizers.

A case of Senile Dementia - Dr. Helen Joseph (Senior Professor at Nirmala Niketan)

My mother-in-law (MIL) was around 83years old when we visited Dr. Aparna. Before this she was under the treatment of a senior allopathic family doctor for a number of ailments. But suddenly she started developing symptoms that we later understood as a form of dementia. Suddenly she was not being able to remember the names of her own children, or even recognize them in photographs (as some of the children were not living in the same city). She also began to become very upset that her son who was around 40- 42 years old and had a wife, (with whom she was living) would not sleep with her at night. She was just not able to figure out relationships. She was also frequently found to be doing repetitive activities. For example, if she was asked to sign her name, she would continue to do it till her fingers would ache, but she would not let go off the pen. The allopathic doctor then threw up his hands in helplessness and suggested we see other specialists. That is when we decided to approach Dr. Aparna, whom I had known for a number of years and who had helped me with my arthritis.

As my MIL could not commute too far (she lived in Wadala and Dr. Aparna’s clinic was in Dahisar), it was my husband and I who updated Dr. Aparna of my MIL’s illness and all also about her background history, her likes/dislikes etc. Dr. Aparna had also asked us to bring a photograph of my MIL, to give her an idea of how my MIL looked. After about 2 hours of questioning us and listening to our answers, Dr. Aparna gave us some homeopathic pills which in a week’s time started showing results. The first improvement was that my MIL stopped the repetitive activities that she would get caught into. Gradually she was also able to remember the names of all her children and recognize them. Then one day when she was better and able to travel, she also visited our home in Dahisar, where Dr. Aparna came to see for herself how her patient was doing. My MIL was not aware that it was Dr. Aparna’s medicines that had helped her recover, because she had refused to take medicines from anybody else but her own regular doctor whom she trusted implicitly. Dr. Aparna had no ego issues and allowed her to continue to believe that that it was her own doctor’s medicines that she was taking. She said that there was no problem if my MIL believed that it was her doctor who took care of her problem, as long as she was getting better. But for our family it was a huge relief. A year later my MIL passed away, but she never experienced those spells of dementia again.

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Mrs. Anagha manohar

"With her treatment. And i must say my there is a remarkable improvement in my son's health condition. I believe in homeopathy thank Team SweetPills. "

Miss. Sharvani Khot

"It not only relieved me from regular health issues but also cured other problems like skin disorder, hairfall and muscle spasm problem. "

Bipin Kandalgaonkar

"I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic."