Atmaja Raje

Atmaja Raje


Atmaja Raje is our nutritionist and yoga therapist who has completed multifold projects in the arena of medicine and allied fields. A sound knowledge combined with a desire to better her results has goaded her on to new frontiers and novel experiments which have consistently delivered effective therapeutic results. Her positive attitude and readiness to evolve have stood her in good stead during our varied ventures.

She has successfully conducted yoga camps for pre and postnatal gynaecological patients. Through regular participation in cardiac rehabilitation sessions she has gathered enough statistical data to prove the efficacy of yoga in such patients.

The nutritional needs of backward sections of society as also of the aging population have been assessed and documented for further use. Educating patients about their dietary requirements and about the avenues for physical training and exercise is her passion and at any point in time her endeavour is to draw up the best strategy for the benefit of the patient.

Together at Sweet pills she is involved with charting suitable programmes as an adjunct to mainstream Homeopathic treatment in keeping with the spirit of “Holistic Health”!

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"Dr. Samuel Hahnemann"


Mrs. Anagha manohar

"With her treatment. And i must say my there is a remarkable improvement in my son's health condition. I believe in homeopathy thank Team SweetPills. "

Miss. Sharvani Khot

"It not only relieved me from regular health issues but also cured other problems like skin disorder, hairfall and muscle spasm problem. "

Bipin Kandalgaonkar

"I was unaware about homeopathy and was reluctant to consult homeopathy doctor. He suggested me to contact Sweet Pills Homeopathy Clinic."